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The TAB approach in my classroom

This year I have completely changed the way I teach. This process has been and will be trial and error but I know it’s worth it because I have been implementing the Teaching for Artistic Behaviors teaching model.

In my classroom that means I have set up various centers around my classroom including: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Sculpture, Textiles, Legos, and a small group center. Students get to choose where they would like to work for the day.

I noticed that my students need opportunities to build independence and develop their own ideas. This teaching model puts Idea generation on them, while I am there as support in execution of ideas.

Each day I start with announcements and a quick demo. Then I pull a small group to work on required skills and vocabulary for that grade levels objectives.

Students are expected to play experiment and learn from their mistakes, but like real artist they are expected to create high quality art and meet deadlines. Students are given presentation days when they must have a W.O.W. piece to share. W.O.W stands for wonderful original work of art. For their W.O.W piece they must write an artist statement and present their art and their statement to their class.

Today my kinder class was so engaged in thier work it was silent. I do not require silence, infact I encourage collaboration but their work was so engaging talking to thier peers became secondary.

More information on TAB can be found here:


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