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Losing my connections

When I left Washington, DC I lost all my art connections and I left my studio space. As many of you know, California is very expensive, therefore renting a new studio space was not in the cards. My new art making corner is in my bedroom. It is hard because with a studio you can make a mess and leave it a mess. Going to bed with a mess in your bedroom is not a great feeling.

Even though I have the time, I am not making as much work as I would like. I think space and community is a big part of that. Now that I am in my new home I need to develop a new art community. I have over the past couple years developed great friendships, that I believe I can harness into my new art community. I am feeling more motivated and ready to be a productive artist again.

I am setting a goal for myself to show my artwork twice in 2020. Wish me luck!


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