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Art Shows, Art Shows, Art Shows

We have some big news: WE'RE MOVING! Andrew and I have decided to start a new adventure in the San Francisco Bay Area starting this coming July. So with careful planning I am saying goodbye to the DMV in a big way. I am in 3, yes 3, art shows over the next 4 months. Below you will find the details for each show and plans a goodbye party!

What To Do?

Resistance Art for 2017 + Beyond

I have one painting in a fabulous show of resistance.

The opening was this past Friday but there is open visiting hours Mondays – Thursdays: 9pm to 2pm till the end of the month.

I am also available to take people on tours at alternative times, just reach out and make plans with me.

Artomatic 2017

I am so pleased to be participating in one last Artomatic before leaving the area. My art will be located just off the 4th floor elevators to the left in spot 4310.

Artomatic runs March 24th - May 6th

I will be at near my artwork on the 4th floor for meet and greets:

Friday, March 24th 7-9 -Opening Night Party

Saturday, April 8th- 7-9 -Meet the Artist Night and My Birthday

Saturday, April 29th 2-4pm

Saturday, May 6th 7-9- Closing Night Party

Wallflowers: Solo Show by Camilla Schaeffer

I am so excited to have my first solo show in a place I call home; ReCreative Spaces.

April 14th/7-10 Opening Reception

May 6/3-5 Wallflower Making Workshop

June 17th/7-10pm Closing Reception and Goodbye Party

Please consider attending the Goodbye Party because Andrew and I will hit the road for California only a few days later. I want to see as many people as I can before I leave!

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